Sunbeds in Hemel Hempstead

Beauty and the Beach is a unisex Beauty salon in Hemel Hempstead, offering hairdressing, tanning and beauty treatments all under one roof. If we haven't got it, you don't need it!


The health benefits that artificial sunlight has on our bodies applies to people of all ages.

Vitamin D is an essential part of our bodies natural processes – it allows our bodies to process calcium, to make, and keep, our bones strong.

Vitamin D is created when our skin is exposed to UV-B rays. When exposed, the cholesterol in the skin is transformed into provitamin D and within 12 hours, your body heat turns this into vitamin D.

However, from October to March, the sunlight in the UK contains hardly any UV-B at all. Most of it gets lost in the atmosphere. As a result, the body’s own vitamin D production comes to a complete standstill.

This is where modern sunbeds lend a helping hand with their UV-B light component.

Although, when applied correctly, the dosage is so low that it prevents you from getting sunburned, it is high enough to re-trigger the body’s own vitamin D production.

This way, you can do something for your tan – and strengthen your bones at the same time.

We also believe we are the only salon left in Hemel Hempstead with lay down sunbeds, and we’ve got two of em!


We have 2 Ergoline lay down Sun Beds and two stand up "beds".

4 minutes
6 minutes
8 minutes
10 minutes
12 minutes
14 minutes
16 minutes
18 minutes
20 minutes

Block Courses:
60 minutes
120 minutes

Accelerator Creams

*You must be 18 or over to use a sun bed.